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Knowledge equals money!!!

This guide features simple diy home renovation ideas that can make your home more comfortable and efficient. Find home renovation ideas to help you create the life you want. From design to construction, we’ll show you how to make your house a home.

Homeowners are becoming increasingly weary of the high prices for service calls, especially when they need multiple jobs done. A simple way to save money and time is to perform small home maintenance and repairs on your own.

This guide is here to help you with simple home maintenance and repair. At your own pace, you can make your home repairs, and saving a lot of time and money by doing things yourself.


Hi, I’m Nick, I’m just an old guy that’s going to try to help you with your home renovation/maintenance projects. I have many years of experience in construction and maintenance, so I hope to see you here when you need a little help! 

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Jobs of the past

wood fence

The old fence was worn and missing some pickets. We set some metal poles and fastened 6’x8′ per-made panels to them, cutting the gate out of one and cross-bracing it for strength, then added the hinges and gate latch.

ceiling repair

This house had some old 12″x12″ ceiling tile that had seen better days. We pulled the old tile down and sheet rocked, tape/bed, textured and painted the ceiling.

bathroon painted

This bathroom was dark with the old blue paint and needed some help. The job was fairly basic. The paint we used was an egg shell white, and it really brightened room up.