Thinking vs Doing

I spend a lot of time dreaming about things I want to do, like modest home improvements and upgrades to my home. 

And there is nothing wrong with dreaming, it is great to dream. 

What I have noticed, though, is that sometimes I get stuck thinking and dreaming, and not doing. 

I dream about painting the walls a distinct color, installing new countertops, or laying new tile in the bathroom, and even elaborate things, like building a gazebo in the back yard … I research it, learn about it, plan out the build, the materials and even the tools I would need … but I find myself, doing all of that planning and research, and not actually doing, or making my dreams come true. 

When I realize this, it is good for me to generate this distinction: am I ruminating about it, and not actually doing it? Both are fine! But at some point, it helps flip the switch: from ruminating it and doing. 

This is the point where we make a commitment. 

“We go from thinking about it to taking the big plunge and commit ourselves to a course of action. We tell others about it and make announcements, so there is looking back now. What areas in your life are you just Thinking or are switching to Doing? What would you need to wake you from the dream and start doing? 

How much longer are you going to wait?